C2P Advisory Group


Best Interest Philosophy

Leading with the Client’s Best Interest

Rooted in a holistic planning philosophy, our founding partners have been adhering to a best interest planning process for more than a decade. C2P Advisory Group was founded to provide the training, resources and support to advisors wanting to adhere to the same best interest standard.

From our product selection to our asset positioning philosophy, C2P Advisory Group is dedicated to serving the end client’s best interest with appropriate insurance solutions as part of a holistic financial plan. We work with and offer access to the most reputable insurance companies in the industry. These carriers have been substantially vetted so you can feel confident in representing the top-quality products and most substantiated service histories available today to your clients.

Asset Positioning Philosophy

How Do I Position Fixed Indexed Annuities along with Assets Under Management?

When used appropriately as a part of a holistic financial plan, there is no substitute that provides the same advantages of index annuities for principal protection to eliminate the sequence of returns risk in addition to tax-advantaged growth and predictable income. C2P Advisory Group offers both fee-based and commission-based annuities and utilizes a proprietary, five-layer product screening process for best interest selection criteria.

Simple. Straight-Forward. Systematic: The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Philosophy

At C2P Advisory Group, we take a fiduciary-friendly planning approach to adhering to best interest standards. Not a cumbersome and confusing process. With a focus on client education, our products and recommendations will align with the client’s stage in The Money Cycle, as well as part of a structured plan that accounts for their immediate, short and long-term goals.

Through access to our sister training company, Clarity 2 Prosperity, advisors working with C2P Advisory Group will have access to The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process—a tested, duplicable planning process that adheres to the most up-to-date best interest standards available and provides data gathering and planning tools that identify, analyze and present recommendations to the client with accompanying documentation to support them.

Back Office Efficiency

At C2P Advisory Group, our leadership team personally depends upon the efficient and accurate execution of issuing policies for use within their own advisory practices. In using the same systems and service as you, developing streamlined operations, proactive support and overall efficient back-office support is a continued priority guided by your daily business demands.

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