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Mitigate Your Corporate Risk with Turnkey Best Interest Insurance Solutions

The challenge many institutions are facing today against evolving fiduciary legislation is how to develop a thorough and compliant planning process, field test, revise, standardize, roll-out, train, and monitor this process, and then accept the liability of each plan presented by an affiliated advisor to their clients to uphold the best interest standard.

Fiduciary regulations – whether from the SEC, DOL, or state insurance commissioners – are changing rapidly. If your organization is assuming the liability of financial institution status, making you ultimately responsible for overseeing the compliance of your advisors in meeting best interest standards–you understand the significant undertaking and resources this may require.

Because of the proactive role Clarity has taken over the past decade in building and refining a best interest processes that help position insurance products as sophisticated financial planning tools, we have found that other financial institutions are seeing great value in partnering with us.

We feel the best thing we can do for institutions is to emphasize the level of due diligence and training that we provide to help mitigate their risk.

What We Offer:

  • A proprietary award-winning product screeningthat enables advisors to determine which options best meet the best interest standard for each client.
  • A proven, duplicable planning process that adheres to the most up-to-date best interest standards available, and provides data gathering and planning tools that help identify, analyze and present recommendations to the client, with accompanying documentation to support their recommendation.
  • Comprehensive, live training for advisors on how to create a best interest sales process through our sister training organization, Clarity 2 Prosperity. Training provides advisors with a wealth of tools, such as detailed scripts on how to effectively communicate each step of the process to their clients. We also help develop delivery skills through methods such as interactive role-playing where advisors can apply our training in a real-world scenario.
  • A comprehensive e-Learning platform that provides insight into every step of the best-interest planning process, as well as on-demand access to supporting documentation.

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