C2P Advisory Group



Clarity Insurance Marketing is a best interest-focused insurance marketing organization (IMO) that facilitates advanced product screening, selection and support for all lines of fixed insurance products, such as fixed and indexed annuities, single premium and traditional life insurance and asset-based LTC products. VIEW AVAILABLE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS.


Clarity has held a proactive stance throughout the onset and evolution of legislation and has remained purely dedicated to providing and facilitating best interest practices. Our award-winning processes have been built, tested and refined years ahead of legislation, resulting in powerful asset-gathering tools rather than burdensome, compliance-driven processes newly derived to meet regulatory changes.


A defining characteristic of Clarity Insurance Marketing is our client-first mentality. Unlike most IMOs, who focus on gross production and sales from their agents and advisors, we focus on client solutions and what is in the clients’ best interest. We mitigate risk for clients by helping advisors incorporate our best-interest approach in case design, product selection and implementation of insurance solutions as financial planning tools.


Our executive team shares decades of expertise as financial planners, advisors and business owners, many of whom maintain active, successful advisory practices. We leverage this firsthand understanding to create efficient back-office support and quality service standards to help advisors issue new business quickly, accurately and effectively. MEET OUR LEADERSHIP TEAM.


As part of our mission to equip advisors with the tools they need to help as many people as possible pursue their financial goals, we offer a robust array of business-building resources:

  • Sophisticated technology for case design and management
  • Award-winning product screening and analysis
  • Access to The Bucket Plan® Planning Process and 20 other turnkey financial planning, practice management and marketing processes made available through our training company, Clarity 2 Prosperity
  • Live training, on-demand eLearning and coaching and mentoring programs
  • And more

You and your team will have guidance on what to do when, how and why, along with support every step of the way.


In 2020, Clarity Insurance Marketing became the new brand of C2P Advisory Group, a name more reflective of the service and mission of the insurance marketing organization. With a focus on providing best-interest and transparent advice, the brand ‘Clarity’ clearly represents the values, offerings and purpose of the organization.